SyMedica, was established in 1985 with the mission to provide educational, consulting, recovery and support solutions for healthcare professionals, their patients and their families.  Since 1985 SyMedica has had services spanning sixteen states.

Additionally, SyMedica has owned, managed, or consulted with a wide array of different healthcare organizations including:

  • primary care practices
  • concierge medical practices
  • rural health clinics
  • multiple behavioral specialties (including Community Mental Health Centers)
  • non-profit counseling centers
  • physical therapy and outpatient rehabilitation facilities
  • clinical laboratories
  • long-term acute care units
  • anesthesiology based pain management centers
  • radiology centers
  • multi-specialty clinics
  • state healthcare provider recovery programs

SyMedica’s services have expanded over the years to meet the needs of those within and that serve the healthcare community to include:

  • executive and consulting services for healthcare enterprises
  • expert consulting with legal firms on behalf of their healthcare clients to assist in litigation preparation,
  • compliance and operational audits.
  • assisting clients in the provision of locum tenens clinical administrators to rehabilitate or expand the professional client’s clinical enterprise

Symedica collaborated with state healthcare recovery programs to provide enriching and supportive learning opportunities for affected professionals through online and local group encounters, and online educational programs.  This service has been standardized and formalized into our SyMedica system.

Our collaboration continued with Pulido-Coates Associates.  Here SyMedica expanded services to support pain management practices and programs in their compliance efforts, as well as protocols designed to enhance patient outcomes.

As partnerships and collaborative efforts grew, SyMedica’s President, Bob Coates, realized his vision in the development of a network of resources to support conscientious and accountable professionals in healthcare and beyond.  Based on his belief that individuals and institutions who strive for accountability and the advancement of “best practices” need a collective resource for learning, support and growth, AAPHP was formed.  As a visionary in healthcare and business, Bob has worked tirelessly to “watch the back” of the professionals and practitioners served by his organizations and the network.  His inspirational mission to equip professionals and practitioners with the “best formulas, feelings, and intellectual pursuits of excellence” is the driving foundation of AAPHP.