MSO working to improve practice profitability and outcomes

Outsourcing a portion of your practice to an MSO is a big step.  But if you’re considering it, you realize the benefits to you, your staff, and your patients.

Hiring SyMedica provides you with even more benefit!  Our MSO services grew out of our own need.  Our founder Bob Coates needed these services to manage clinical practices in proprietary primary care, rural health clinics, behavioral health, physical therapy, interventional pain management, clinical laboratory services in both hematology and toxicology, concierge medicine, radiology, and community mental health centers across 16 states.  So, we know what it takes to manage from the simplest to the most complex practice.

Engaging SyMedica as Your MSO

You can use as much or as little as you need of our services.  We can assist you with:

  • Clinical Operation
  • Management Services
  • Administrative Services

Clinical MSO

Our clinicians adhere to our stringent standards of compliance – Pain Patient Compliance Protocol (PPCP). This assure your patients get the best treatment in integrated behavioral pain management while keeping you and your staff compliant by demonstrating intent to comply.

Management Services

The SyMedica management team provide the highest level of strategic planning to assure your practice is aligned to provide your desired result as an organization.  Base on the SPARC Business Growth Framework you’ll be building maximum value in your practice by moving it toward business self-sustainability.

Administrative Services

SyMedica’s administrative team makes sure your strategic plan is implemented in your day-to-day operation.  We’ll make sure your staff is using state-of-the-art “best practices” to keep you and your staff compliant and demonstrating intent to comply while increasing efficiency of your revenue cycle and practice profitability

Hiring SyMedica as your MSO/ASO can help you sleep better at night. Your practice will head toward your vision, while proactively protecting your professional license and clinical practice from employee mistakes!

Contact SyMedica directly at 888.508.1959 or email us at  to schedule your compliance audit TODAY!