A SyMedica compliance audit gives you and your staff peace of mind so you can continue the battle on chronic pain.  We don’t need to tell you what a tangles mess of today’s regulations under the government’s current strategy to fight the opioid crisis.  You feel the effects every day!

A SyMedica compliance audits offers you a sense of relief at a fraction of the cost. A letter of probable cause can cost you $25,000 minimum retainer.  A SyMedica compliance audit is designed to keep you and your staff demonstrating intent to comply.  Clients using this service will tell you it saves them many times the price in lost revenue, potential fines, and legal fees.

How a Compliance Audit Works

A compliance audit is a one to two-day onsite review of all aspects of your operation.  It is meant to evaluate your practice to identify where regulatory agencies might find issues resulting in a letter of probable cause, or even worse – loss of your license!

We use a proprietary 19-page audit checklist based on our Pain Patient Compliance Protocol to assess every aspect of your practice:

  • Clinical Operation
  • Management Services
  • Administrative Services

Then SyMedica provides a final report complete with a compliance action plan (CAP). Use the CAP to begin demonstrating intent to comply with all current state and federal regulations by applying the latest in integrated behavioral pain management best practices.  Applying your CAP can protect you from virtually any employee statue or regulatory violation via the “respondent superior” doctrine.

Too Much for Your Staff to Handle?

Engage SyMedica as your compliance officer and assure you and your staff receive the full benefits implemented the results of your CAP.  By doing this you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you are proactively protecting your professional license and clinical practice from employee mistakes!

Contact SyMedica and Scheduled Your Compliance Audit

Contact SyMedica directly at 888.508.1959 or email us at compliance@symedica.net to answer any questions or schedule your compliance audit TODAY!