Don’t have time to wrestle with today’s tangled mess for regulatory compliance?  But, you’re worried you’re exposed to the minimum $25,000 in non-refundable legal retainer if you receive a letter of probable cause.  Use SyMedica’s fractional healthcare compliance officer services and you can sleep better at night!

SyMedica compliance officers scan the government publications daily for changes and their impact on our clients.  As your compliance officer, we’ll make sure everything you and your staff need is implemented proactively protecting your professional license and clinical practice from employee mistakes!  As a result you’ll see:

  • Faster payment from payer on your accounts receivable.
  • Dramatically reduces your overall susceptibility to regulatory liability and litigation.
  • Improved relationships with patient, pharmacies, regulatory agencies, and payer.
  • Diminish the time spent managing the business of your organization.
  • Increase time practicing medicine and delivering higher quality clinical outcomes for your patients.

How Does SyMedica Compliance Officer Service Work?

First, SyMedica conduct a one to two-day onsite compliance audit.  This results in a compliance action plan (CAP) detailing what’s necessary to bring your practice up to standard with current regulatory requirements.  As a result, you and your staff begin demonstrating intent to comply which keeps you protected from virtually any employee violation via the “respondent superior” doctrine.

Your compliance officer will conduct regular accountability audits which assures everyone is following your policies and procedures keeping you clean.  Should an incident arise, SyMedica, with your attorney, act as your agent in potential issues raised by outside agencies.  Without SyMedica, a single inquiry could cost you a minimum $25,000 non-refundable retainer just to defend your position!

Clients engaging SyMedica as a fractional compliance officer will tell you it saves them many times the price in lost revenue, potential fines, and legal fees. Sound too good to be true?

Authorities showed up ready to close our clinic down. We showed them how we were implementing the SyMedica compliance protocols learned in a public training workshop. Then we showed them the administrative manuals we purchased and were applying within the practice.  Within 15 minutes the officer was satisfied, apologized, and left the office!

Want SyMedica to Become Your Healthcare Compliance Officer?

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