walking tightrope of healtcare complianceAs a health provider, the tangled regulatory mess you deal with for healthcare compliance  probably feels like walking a tightrope. In today’s opiod crisis the government wages a legal battle against prescribing clinics, like yours, just to find a few “bad apples.”

It leaves legitimate physicians, like you, fighting for your life!  One wrong step could cost you a minimum of $25,000 in non-refundable legal retainer just to act on your behalf on a letter of probable cause.

How can you practice quality care in this kind of environment?  Easy, just leave all your healthcare compliance to SyMedica.

How SyMedica Approaches Compliance

Treating pain patients in your practice can be a compliance nightmare for you and your staff.  Our approach proactively protects your professional license and clinical practice from all the compliance problems.

SyMedica offers strategies with proven “best practices” that allow you to demonstrate “intent to comply.”  SyMedica uses strategies which provide you protection under the “respondent superior” legal doctrine.  Now you can stay out of regulatory snags created by your staff!

Sound too good to be true?  Look at what happened to one of our clients when authorities showed up:

Authorities showed up ready to close our clinic down. We showed them how we were implementing the the SyMedica compliance protocols learned in a public training workshop. Then we showed them the administrative manuals we purchased and were applying within the practice.  Withing 15 minutes the officer was satisfied, appologized, and left the office!

How to Access SyMedica’s Healthcare Compliance Solutions

Let us handle all your Healthcare Compliance Needs

Want to get started or just have some questions?  Contact us at 888.508.1959 or email us at mailto:compliance@symedica.net today!