Proactively Protect Your Professional License and Clinical Practice from Employee Mistakes!

What would happen to you and your clinic if one of your staff members:

  • Incorrectly logged or sent out patient information.
  • young man unable sleep because of stress of problemsDocumented the wrong medication on a patient’s chart.
  • Did not comply with general OSHA guideline.
  • Was not properly disposing of medical waste.

If this is not one of the things that keep you up at night, then it should be.  One violation could be the end of your practice, or even worse your medical career!

What if there was a way to make that all go away?  How much would it be worth to sleep at night knowing that there was nearly a 0% chance of that scenario happening?

SyMedica has a solutions that has been used by hundreds of clinicians to virtually wipe out your liability when it comes to employee mistakes.  You just need to apply the legal doctrine of “respondent superior”? to yourself and your practice.

Doctor and nurse greating a new patient as she signs in. Focus on doctor.Applied correctly, “respondent superior”? can protect you from virtually any employee statue or regulatory violation.  SyMedica, Healthcare Employee Compliance Bootcamp, is specifically designed to help you implement all the necessary safeguards to properly apply the “respondent superior”? legal doctrine within your clinic or practice.

At its The Healthcare Employee Compliance Bootcamp will bring you and your clinic up-to-date with requirements for mandated training for all clinic staff.  The rationale is for you to demonstrate your practice “intends to comply” with the rules and regulations governing your practice and clinic. Providers realize the “respondent superior” legal doctrine can affect their OWN professional license and clinic practice.

Within the Healthcare Employee Compliance Bootcamp participants are introduced to all the topic necessary to keep compliant and keep you out of trouble.

Course Topics/Objectives Include:

  • HIPAA and Privacy Act Rules and Regulations
  • Risk Management in Clinical Practices
  • Occupational and Safety Rules
  • Medical Error Reduction and Documentation Guidelines

Get started and sleep better at night knowing that you have proactively protect your professional license and clinical practice from employee mistakes!


Can’t Wait! Take Our Online Course!

The Healthcare Employee Compliance Bootcamp, is also available online.  So, if you cannot wait for our next live event take it online.