Pain management clinicians have the seemingly insurmountable task of providing best practice care to their patients in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.

What would it be worth to you and your pain management practice if you could…

  • Assist with early identification of patient non-compliance.
  • Reduce the number of patient developing addictive behaviors.
  • Lessen your likelihood of statutory violations.
  • Migrate damages off the back of your pain management practice.

For more than 13 years the Opioid Pain Patient Compliance Protocol and the Pain Patient Scale program has helped physician assure improved outcomes for their patients while zealously protecting their practices with regulatory safeguards!

During this seminar you will learn the following:

  • ???????????????????????????????????????????Eight proven ways to protect your pain management practice against regulatory prosecution
  • Five ways to protect your license from employee or patient interference in your clinical decision making process
  • A comprehensive protocol to increase your patient compliance rate to upwards of 100% in your practice
  • How to maximize legitimate reimbursement revenues for private pay and insurance based practices
  • Three negotiation techniques to getting paid by third-party payers.
  • The “magic phrase” that results in regulator on-site visit satisfaction
  • Introduction of the PCA Pain Patient Rating Scale (PPRS-1). (Easy rating scale to warrant justification of medication levels and treatment plan) based on over 2500 evaluations of non-malignant pain patients
  • Latest on the HHS and CDC promulgated rules for pain management.
  • HIPAA and Privacy Act Rules and Regulations
  • Risk management in clinical Practice
  • Occupational and safety rules
  • Medical Error Reduction and Documentation Guidelines
  • And much more!!!

Space is limited due to the intensive nature of this seminar, so please register early!

Want to Implement this Program in Your Office?

Pain Patient Compliance Protocol (PPCP) provides an easy to manage process for you to determine if opioid medications are causing addictive type behaviors which endanger BOTH your patient’s health AND your right to prescribe opioid medication.  Find out how the PPCP can help you protect your patients’ health and you practice!

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