As a practicing physician you know what a nightmare pain management has become within the healthcare industry.  Over/misprescribing pain medications by well-meaning practitioners, as well as, patients requesting pain medication which are not an appropriate opioid patient is epidemic.

Sources report 23% of population is being treated by a physician for pain.  Our pain management screening tools accurately show that 60% of individuals being treated by physician are not in compliance with their prescribed therapy.

Letters of probable cause from the state medical board run rampant.  This puts you, your reputation, license, and your practice a great risk!

Pain Management Compliance Simplified

Pulito Coates & Associates (PCA) Pain Patient Compliance Protocol (PPCP) is an easy to manage process for you to determine if opioid medications are causing addictive behaviors which endanger both your patient’s health and your right to practice pain management.

PCA_LogoTransDropShadowOur Pain Patient Compliance Protocol and Rating Scale is designed to medically document your patients health risks for opioid compliance and demonstrated your intent to comply with opioid screening requirements by your medical Board.  We have designed an insurance reimbursable protocol built around thousands of patient visits which have demonstrated even in the most well intentioned pain patient management applications upwards of 60% non-compliance or misunderstanding of the practitioner’s treatment plan.

The protocol includes:

  • Initial screening
  • Brief intervention
  • Referral to treatment
  • Provisions for patient that may be suffering from addictive behavior.ManOutPainDollarphotoclub_78891005

The result for you and your patients are:

  • Escaping letters of probable cause from state medical board.
  • Effective pain relief with reduced health risks for your pain patients.
  • Proactively avoiding state and federal regulatory infractions by your pain management clinics.
  • Flagging patients with opioid-related addictive behaviors prior to prescribing pain management medications.
  • Revenue enhancements via additional easily implemented clinical treatment programs for non-compliant patients.

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This downloadable e-book provides an overview of the PPCP.  It explores the deficiency with the current used methods and presents a new approach in applying integrated behavioral pain management which leads to better overall outcomes for all stakeholder including the patient, physician, their staff, and pain clinics.

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