The recovering healthcare and legal professional problem is nearly epidemic. Some reports estimate as many as 1 in 4 healthcare AND 2 in 5 legal professionals as demonstrating addictive behavior.  Thus professional recovery group program management is a requirement for state licensure boards, but most agencies have become overburdened in managing these programs.  As a result:

  • State recovery group programs have become overwhelmed by enrollments.
  • Case managers cannot to keep up with mountainous caseloads.
  • Program directors struggle to enforce accountability and monitoring of participants.

What if you employed new systems and technologies to these problems that could:

  • Allow case managers to handle more cases.
  • Reduce overall cost of your recovery program.
  • Increase participant recovery success levels to 96% vs standard programs with an 82% success rate.
  • Provide Professional Group Facilitator training and monitoring.
  • Provide participant “required” Continuing Education to enhance awareness of professionalism.

SyMedica Professionally Facilitated group program known as Comprehensive Organizational Reporting and Evaluation System or CORES  is a turnkey solution that boasts many benefits including:

  • Therapist listening to patient during caduceus group therapy sessionElimination of geographical restraints.
  • Reduced travel costs.
  • Improved time management with clinic and family responsibilities.
  • Greater flexibility in recovery group choices
  • Cost effective participation by providing a subscription rate options.
  • Reduces public anxiety.
  • Allows for family involvement and recovery by attending with your family in private breakout sessions .
  • Quarterly automated verification of attendance and participation reporting to the State Board or Bar Association
  • 24 hour support access using chat sessions with peer group members and schedule support with a professional facilitator.
  • Online discussion forums.
  • Online continuing education and training along with other resources.
  • Alumni support after programs completion.
  • Mentorship training after programs completion to lead ongoing support groups.

Comprehensive “Turnkey” Recovery System for State Program Monitoring

SyMedica will tailor our Comprehensive Organizational Reporting and Evaluation System, policies and procedures, and recovery group program structure to the requirements of your alternative program and/or state board. Implementation of your program can be handled in a variety of different ways:

  • Teach you how to use SyMedica in your state recovery program.
  • License SyMedica’s process, materials, and resources within your program.
  • Manage a comprehensive “turnkey” recovery group program for your state/board.

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