impaired professional strugglingHow does a therapist convince a impaired professional such as healthcare professionals or attorneys to “come clean” in a group setting about diversion charges, substance abuse, alcoholism, disruptive and harmful emotional episodes?  You don’t.

As a therapist I just give that professional support, a caring attitude, and unparalleled confidentiality IN A GROUP SETTING.  Yes, in a group. SyMedica teaches our facilitators how to bring out the best honesty in a safe place and in a healing spirit.

I began my practice of treating impaired professionals in 1983.  Those were down and dirty times in the profession.  Through it all I have been in a sacred place of honest transparency as a therapist to listen and listen again.

It isn’t what or how a therapist says in a Caduceus group or Lawyer Assistance Program; it is the freedom he or she emulates for all to experience.  Being non-judgmental about family or partners.  Knowing the street slang on the hospital floor or in the clinic arena.

compassion for the impaired professionalAs a therapist your job is just being there!

Educate impaired professionals back into the love of medicine or law.  Saying “I don’t know”, unqualified, but saying let’s find out together. Taking no shortcuts as to being available toward honesty and refusing to be pedantic.

When I am afforded an opportunity to lead a group of impaired professionals,  I first respect that somewhere, sometime they paid a huge sacrifice to be in a surreal world of human tragedy as a professional caregiver.  Never underestimate the possibility of that participant to recover from the pain that has cut them deep to the point.  A wrong choice was made…once….twice…, but hopefully for the last time.

With Caduceus and LAP  groups, only time will tell.  24/7 availability of resources to give a person a chance is required.  That is why SyMedica C.O.R.E.S.™ requires participants to commit to lots of continuing education and as well transparency in the Caduceus group setting.  Both go hand-in-hand to building participants back to why they go into healthcare in the first place.

Finally, maybe a year, or a month goes and comes over and over, then something clicks.  The impaired professional gets it, themselves!

restoring impaired professional familySometimes family doesn’t, so that is why SyMedica insists on family communication.  We talk about how to do it, how NOT to do it.  The result?  Successful candidates graduating from a participation agreement with the Board or the practitioner program.

Are these the kinds of result that you want participants within your state/network program to experience?  Then contact us and let’s talk.  Most programs are closer to success than they think.  SyMedica can help you take an objective assessment of your current program and help you increase your overall success rate!