Please do not choose SyMedica Network as your Caduceus group facilitator and education program if you want mediocrity.  Please don’t choose SyMedica Network if you have a punitive world view about our colleagues who have made serious mistakes and land in a three to five year participation agreement.

therapist preparing for caduceus groupChoose us to lead your caduceus group if you want people to be successful and be given a chance to redeem the time of their life. And, choose us if you want to know what is happening with your participants week-by-week, UDS by UDS, their risk taking to come alive inside and by all appearances

Choose SyMedica if you want a candid report. One that is measured, on time, thought through, and planned.  We have no qualms about the truth we experience over time.

Please give us time to make a difference.  Our facilitators actually don’t look at the dollar return-on-investment, as important as it is for us to train and keep quality leadership as facilitators.

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Our facilitators pay a price to be chosen to lead Caduceus groups.  We hold them immensely accountable as to content of groups, outcomes of individual and personal growth.  We require our facilitators to teach us what they are learning about their interpersonal skills and clinical insight.  We require our facilitators to be brutally honest about their own choices week-by-week, year-by-year.  It is only through this level of commitment that your Caduceus group participants will find the empathic care necessary to have success!

The average facilitator receives 20 hours of training annually, on recognizing relapse tendencies, addictive behaviors, best practices, and must present to each other individual monthly educational accomplishments.  Private practice is easy.  Our facilitators are among the best therapists and counselors in the business.

The highest compliment we receive from them?  No one wants to stop doing Caduceus groups, because they see lives changed. They are amazing, ethical, and eternal learners. THEY are SyMedica.